dreamstime_convergence-11Welcome to EastWestConverge.com.  As the domain name indicates, this blog is going to be focused on various topics in life due to convergence and divergence of  the Western and Eastern culture.

The topics will span from culture, people, sensitivity, inter-racial marriage, child-rearing, challenges in taking care of the elderly, prejudice, to successes and failures in a foreign environment.  Certainly, this blog will be a remiss without covering one of my passions – food.

What I’d like to share are random muses and gems excavated from seemingly mundane life.  As the world becomes more boundless with the global economy and cultural integration, it is still fascinating to experience the similarities and differences from every angle of life.

I hope you will join this community representing either or both sides of worlds with your observations and self-introspection.

With all my best,