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Organized Chaos

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Have you been to China?  If so, you would have either experienced or observed the traffic jam in a given day.

Cultural Shock Is An Understatement

In 2004, my family and I went back to China for a three-week trip.  We managed to tour several major cities and tourist spots.  Mind you that was the first time for my husband and my daughter to the Far East.  Fascinated? Intrigued? Confused? or all of the above?

Upon returning to the U.S., my husband was telling some of our friends about his trip to China.  Of course, he shared all the positive experiences of seeing a different part of the world and sampling different foods and culture.  One interesting comment he made was about the traffic.  He called it the “organized chaos”.

The Secret That Driving School Wouldn’t Teach You

Driving in most cities and rural areas in China is like weaving a colorful blanket.  Here is the multiplier: if there are two lanes in the road, people will make it into four, four into eight, etc.  Riding in a cab often times beats the thrill of a Disney ride.  At first, many people will do the back-seat driver number, apply the break, watch for oncoming traffic, etc.  After a while, you would have to give up as your neck will be so strained and sore from being nervous and tense.  Somehow you unwillingly bestow your trust onto the driver hoping for the best outcome.

Beneath the obvious chaos, there is a silent and subtle mutual understanding and harmony.  People seem to give each other a break and let the other driver get in even though he/she violets the rules.  There is a huge gray area comparing to the more black and white culture in the West.

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What Rules?

Enforcement of any rules and laws are lot harder simply because everyone interprets so differently.  You may be able to get yourself off the hook of a hefty traffic fine if you just happen to have a connection with someone in the law enforcement organization.

Here is an inside scoop to deal with the traffic jam, especially in Beijing.  Recently I’ve heard that the purchase of automobiles in China for the first time in history has surpassed the level of the U.S.  One easy and fast way to get around in Beijing is to buy a multi-purpose pass, which is good for buses and subways.  Needless to say it’s the most economical way as well besides wasting time sitting in a cab.

Have Had the Urge to Visit China?  Make It Happen Now

If you haven’t been to China, I hope you will have an opportunity in the near future to experience an ancient culture and a very hospitable nation.  Please do take note of your observations and share them with us upon your return.