Control or Surrender?

Control Is Just An Illusion

I am as guilty as anyone with deceivingly subdued, yet a typical “A” personality when it comes to take control in life.  I’ve tried to plan for my life, six-months, a year, five-years, all the way to the end in major measures of achievements.  I’ve also attempted to categorize my life goals into two “piles”, one is tangible and the other intangible.  Along the way, I would adjust my plans and projections depending on the change of circumstances and growing ambitions.

Many people like me, seem to have an illusion of grandeur in terms of being in control.  We fool ourselves by creating a daily “to do list” on when to do what with whom.  Sometimes I can’t help but wondering WHAT IF we let go of the urge of control and simply let it be a free fall?  Can you fathom what life would be like if we just “surrender” for a day?

Are We Better off to Surrender?

Allow me to indulge in this thought for a moment.

  • Our day will start without the buzz of an alarm o’clock.
  • What we would do next after rolling out of bed is simply a toss of a dice: Walking the dog or sipping chai tea latte in Starbucks?
  • When should I peel off the wrinkled pajamas to take a clean shower?
  • Do I really want to style my hair or should I just let it be natural with the curls and frizz?
  • Shall I call a friend to meet up in an Ethiopian restaurant for lunch?  I shouldn’t have to debate about calories vs. satisfaction if I feel like having a dessert after lunch.

Have you got the drill?surrender-11

It is very easy to comprehend conceptually, but awfully hard to apply it in our daily lives.  Maybe, just maybe, when we give up deliberate control of everything, life may miraculously fall into the right place.  Our pursuits and endeavors may be aligned with our soulful purpose.  By then, we may feel that we are truly in the flow of what life is meant to be and everything will be done effortlessly.

Do you buy into my ridiculous theory?

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