Mind vs. Heart (Part 2)

If you recall in my previous post, I listed what a mind wants.  Here is to refresh your memory of my definition of “mind vs. “heart”:


  • Thinking faculty of a human being.
  • Mind is operated on logic, rationalization and reasoning.
  • Mind can be applied best when conducting scientific research that’s factual and data-based.
  • Mind tends to be linear and single-dimensional.
  • Mind has the tendency to exclude intuition, instincts and soulful thoughts.


  • Heart is a very important organ in a human body.
  • Heart functions as the artery of blood supply in order to sustain one’s life.
  • Heart has the capacity to feel, sense, empathize.
  • Heart is holistic and multi-dimensional.
  • Decision or conclusion based on “heart” may not be explained all the time in pure and simple logic.

Remember a partial list of what one’s mind craves in Part 1 of the post?  I don’t blame you for concluding it’s very superficial and materialistic.

The Magic of Translation

Surprisingly, if you dig deeper, there are some common themes out of the earthly possessions to be translated into what a heart really, really yearns:heartmind-2

  1. Freedom: If you group all the money and materialist things one wants, they are all pointing to one  thread, i.e., the ultimate freedom to do what one wants, when one wants, how one wants and with whom.  This will apply to all key areas of a growth map in a person’s life such as intellectual stimulation, spiritual growth, pleasurable hobbies and any worthy cause to the society or a community.
  2. Security: This, once again, encompasses all fundamental areas from physical, emotional, financial to spiritual.
  3. Connection: Peeling off the crusty onion layer of the material possession, deep down, there is a crying hunger for connection and for intimacy, not only with the loved ones, but also with those that are, by default or by design, have become part of one’s life.
  4. Self-acceptance: A tout/sexy body and a healthy glow are disguises shouting for self-acceptance.  Accept who one is and what one is capable of; celebrate the few excessive fat cells that tend to show up in the not-so-perfect places.  Be proud of one own distinct DNAs and be comfortable in his/or her own skin.
  5. Significance and contribution: With all the financial and time constraints out of the way, a person really wants to give back and become a key contributor to the society.  This could be manifested in leading a worthy cause, contributing financial means to education and to a medical research.

What’s Next?

The follow-up question would be: How would one really feel and what the state of being looks like?

Here are some of the adjectives and phrases that could be used to describe the state of being:

  1. Self-referral (vs. object-referral, i.e. not to be measured by the material possession and what other people may think/or judge)
  2. Free
  3. Confident
  4. In the Zone
  5. Worthy
  6. Connected
  7. Joyful
  8. Blissful

Would you like to take on this challenge to start a list of what the heart is longing  for FIRST and THEN create a list of actionable items to strive towards the end goal?

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