Perfect State of Mind

contentment-12My husband and I made our first attempt to try breakfast at a local joint in the catering business.  It must be the tough economy downturn that made the owner/s of the business start experimenting with serving breakfast in addition to their normal menu.  We were sitting there chatting quietly about various subjects.  Next to our table, there were two older couples talking up a storm.  One of the husbands would strike a conversation with the young waitress.  Then we would hear the most infectious giggles from this old man.  I was guessing that they are all in their 70s, retired and finding creative ways to capture the sunset of their lives.

I couldn’t help but being envious of their state of mind, full of joy and contentment, looking at every little thing in life through their lens of optimism.

I asked myself : What would it take for me to get into their state of being?  Is it money?  Is it financial stability?  Is it accomplishments in general?  Is it independence?  Or is it just an attitude shift from seeing the imperfection in life to focusing on a million reasons why we should celebrate life no matter what?

What’s your thought?

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