Unhappiness versus Uncertainty

dreamstime_cliff-11How many people will do anything to endure a profound level of unhappiness instead of facing the inevitable reality, the unknown?

Without pretending to be a statistician, I can roughly assume the percentage is astonishingly high.  Why?  Why so many highly educated, highly intelligent people numb themselves to sustain this type of misery?  Isn’t life too short and too precious?

The answer to this question boils down to a fearful word “risk”.  Even though “unhappiness” is such a dull and indescribable pain, taking the risk and making the jump can be very frightening. Let’s look at a scenario.  As an employee (say Tom) in a typical corporation, Tom is in a dead-end job feeling the drudgery of 8 to 5 for a very long long time.  The sparkles once in Tom’s eyes are long gone.  Tom walks around the office shuffling his feet with head down as if he has just lost his close family member.

I am pretty sure a person like Tom has contemplated long and hard of various options.  Pros and cons of staying with the uninspiring job or taking the plunge to face the fear as well as to feel the new-found excitement.  In the end, many people chose to stay with the familiar world due to sheer apprehension of the risk and the uncertainty.

If you are one of the Toms, I can assure you that the plunge is not  that scary.  In fact, slipping off a cliff, intentionally or not, you may pleasantly discover blue ocean, green forest and an unbeaten path that may lead you to a new world and to the ultimate happiness.

Are you ready to make the jump?

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