Victor or Victim?

Corporate Casualties – Layoffs

There is hardly a day passing by without an announcement of corporate lay-offs.  Admittedly, we are going through a very tough economic time and the sub-lending financial industry has led to a downward spiral in the global economy.  What surprises me the most is that we don’t hear much about senior leadership teams in major corporations take any responsibilities for the inevitable cause of so many people’s jobs.  On the contrary,  recession has become an over-used excuse for lacking of leadership and incompetency.

Media’s Spin of the Already Bad News

We all know how the media beats the drum in lock-step with the recession and are so “successful” in painting a loomy and gloomy picture for the economy and for those who have lost their life-time employment.  What’s next?  How could they make a living?  Are they victims or victors?

10 Reasons to Declare Victory Instead of Defeat (in random order)dreamstime_triumphant-1

  1. Closing one chapter of the book means you will have a wonderful opportunity to create another.
  2. Hanging on to a going-nowhere-fast career is not going to do you or anyone else a favor.  Lay-off saves so much of time and agony.
  3. Like the old saying, when one door is shut, many windows will open.
  4. How about taking an inventory of your life and determining what really makes you excited to get up in the morning?  What would it take to put a bounce in your stride in life?
  5. When you channel your focus and energy into something you are passionate about, creativity flows like a mountain stream to the ocean.
  6. It is a perfect time for those working parents to mindfully attend the needs of your spouse and your children for a change.
  7. Be in the moment.  All of a sudden, you would notice the vivid color of the pine tree limb and smell the fresh scent from the pine needles.
  8. What about starting a work-out routine to get your health back and to become fit again?
  9. You get to keep your sanity.
  10. You don’t have to give up your self-dignity and sell your soul to hang on to a thin thread of a depressing job.

What’s your list?

At the end of each game, winning or losing is just a subjective interpretation.  Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and it’s always for the better?

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