Vital Few or Trivial Many

Vital Few or Trivial Many

I am sure most of people like me have heard of the famous Pareto Law, also known as the 80/20 Rules.  Yet, until recently, I haven’t made a concerted effort to apply the rules in my life such as how I would manage my daily routine and how I would apply the same principle to friendship.

I’ve noticed a gradual transformation in me.  Previously, I would have picked up every phone call as soon as it rang the first ring (most of the time anyway). I would have attempted to attend most of my friend’s needs whether or not they are important.  So what was the consequence of my obsessive behavior?  My life was measured by busyness, by a never-ending “to do” list, by speed from A to B, by sheer volume and by pure quantity.  Where does “quality” fit in you may wonder?

Isn’t it true that in the Western culture that we take so much pride in what we have accomplished within a limited time?  It is so rarely we ask ourselves what are the vital few in our lives and pour our hearts and souls to focus on them.

As a society, there has been a slow, but sure shift into “slow down and smell the roses”.

I hope many of you will go through similar “cleansing” process as I am.  Simplify life and ignore the trivial many.

At the end of the day, they wouldn’t mean that much to us, wouldn’t they?

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