Core Influence: Shell Identity vs. Core Identity (Part I)

What is Shell Identity vs. Core Identity and how many people are living their lives according to their Core Identity?

Who Is Frank Kern?

Recently I have had the privilege to watch a video by Frank Kern.  For those of you who are not familiar with the internet marketing world, Frank Kern is a well-known Copywriter and an incredible Internet Marketer. Frank has earned the “guru” status via his effective Marketing campaigns and product launch resulted in insanely lucrative profits.

Frank Kern’s Materialistic Success Only Led to Indescribable Misery

The video is called ” The Core Influence” recorded from his speech at a Internet Marketing event.  The premise of his speech is about how to leverage your Core Influence in life as well as to be successful in the market you serve.  In order to identify your Core Influence, first you need to find your Core Identity. In this two-hour video, Frank drew an outline to connect the dots of the significant events in his business endeavors and important people that help him shape his success.  He talked about how successful he was perceived from the materialistic standpoint by owning the biggest mansion in a small town in Georgia, driving a Ferrari down the street to show off his coolness to the folks who may know him.  Despite the money and material possession, he was utterly miserable.  Later on, he realized that he was living in his own “Shell Identity” instead of his”Core Identity”.

Shell vs. Core Identity

               Shell Identity

If I have to venture to interpret his definitions of these two identities, the Shell Identity is based on what the society wants you to do and you act out of peer pressure and conformity.  All you can do is to utilize your Surface Influence as opposed to your Core Influence, which is far less effective. The Core Identity derives from the real you, from your deepest desire in life and what your life is meant to be.  When you act upon from your “Core Identity”, you are “congruent” (borrowed Frank’s word used repeatedly throughout the speech) with your beliefs, passion and you will find it much easier to be in your zone, to be blissful and in return, to connect effortlessly with your customers in the market place.

In order to identify your Core Identity (your deepest desire), Frank asked a singular question that goes like this:

One Question That Will Transform Your Life

What would you do if there are no limitations (financial, emotional, geographical, limiting people, etc.) and consequences?

Frank proceeded by explaining how he came to the conclusion of his Core Identity and the transformational process he had gone through for 9 months.

What Would Be A Perfect Average Day Look Alike?

Frank started this journey by breaking down a perfect life into a perfect average day.  He then continued to visualize and articulate a perfect average day by asking himself a series of questions. Here are some of the examples:

  1. Where would you live?
  2. Describe your home (size, # of bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen, living room, great room, home gym, outside surroundings, landscape, swimming pool, by the ocean or in the mountain, the ambiance and decor of the house, furniture, etc.)
  3. What time do you wake up and get up?
  4. What’s the first thought popped in your mind after waking up?
  5. What would you do after getting out of bed?
  6. What breakfast would you have and with whom and where?
  7. What time would you start working?
  8. What type of business?
  9. Who are your customers?
  10. What’s your relationship with your customer?
  11. What’s your vision for your business?
  12. When, where and with whom would you have lunch?
  13. What would you talk about over lunch assuming you have it with someone?
  14. What do you do for the rest of the afternoon?
  15. How would you spend your evening?  With whom and where?
  16. What’s your relationships with your spouse (if you are married) and your children?
  17. When, where, what and with whom would you have dinner?
  18. How would you end your day and what’s your last thought before going to bed?
  19. What kind of physical state are you in?
  20. What is your spiritual yearning?
  21. What’s your relationship with your friends and colleagues?
  22. What would you do to fulfill your life?

The numbers in the questionnaire are only limited by your imagination.  The more elaborate, creative and vivid you narration is, the better.

The essence of writing this down and describing your typical day in a perfect life is only the beginning of transforming your conceptual Core Identity into a reality.

On a side note, there has been much coverage on creating a Vision Board for your life.  In concept, these two approaches are meant to arrive at the same destination.  So it wouldn’t hurt to double up on the conceptual as well as the visual.

Why does your Core Identify have to do with servicing your core customers?

…To be continued in the next post

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