Core Influence: Shell Identity vs. Core Identity (Part II)

Following my previous post on Frank Kern’s speech on Core Influence, he continued to apply the same self-introspection process to your core customer in the market you serve.  The gist of Frank’s message is that for sure, you can serve your core customer relatively well if you are somewhat familiar with who they are, what they do, etc.  But the defining element for real success is to be able to communicate with your customer on a Core Identity level (heart-to-heart).


Demographics and Psychographics of Your Core Customer

You may ask how could I do this?  Below are some suggested ideas:

  1. Start defining your core customer base with one individual in mind and give him or her a real name.
  2. Step into the shoes of your customer to really understand, feel and empathize with him or her.
  3. Ask a series of questions similar to the list you’ve asked yourself in my previous post when identifying your perfect average day such as: age, gender, occupation, marriage status, children or not. What is the spouse like? What makes your customer tick? What’s his/her biggest frustration in life?
  4. Draw a vivid image of your customer from his or her Core Identity (passion, purpose in life, what kind of life experience he/or she likes to live, what’s his/or her biggest fear, etc.)
  5. Communicate every and all marketing messages from Core to Core.
  6. Use every Marketing collateral to validate your customer’s Core Identity and to bring your customer closer to his/or her destiny.

Once you’ve completed these processes for yourself as well for your core customer, you will see magnificent transformation take place in front of your eyes and throughout your life.  Frank is the living proof that this works and works magnetically.

Would you suspend your judgement and give it a world?

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